Access Recovery

Key Features of MDB Recovery Software
  • Restores key data structures, table structure, like autonumber, primary key, field size etc.
  • Converts MDE database file to MDB database file
  • Restores memo data, OLE data, table relationships and original date format
  • Displays the live database preview of retrieved the database structure from the corrupt database by using LivePreview technology
  • Can recover password protected Access databases i.e. MDB/ACCDB files (Even if the password is KNOWN to the user)
  • Easy to use compact access database software with user friendly steps

Access Recovery Tool

Are you a regular user of MS Access? Do you face troubles while accessing it and get messages like:

  • "Unrecognized Database Format"
  • "The database ... needs to be repaired or isn't a database file"
  • "The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object..."

If your answer is YES, you have hit the right page. MS Access Database is one of the most commonly used database application used these days. However, one cannot deny from the fact that like any other application MS Access is also prone to corruption because of which access database recovery is needed. There could be many reasons for the corruption of Access Database (MDB/ACCDB), such as:

  • Unexpected System Shutdown
  • Software Crash Virus Corruption
  • Media Corruption
  • Database synchronization failure

To resolve these errors, Microsoft provides an inbuilt Compact and Repair utility which serves two distinct functions to recover Access database. At one end, it compresses Access database to remove the wasted white space while on the other hand it repairs the corrupted database file. As database may grow inadequately with insertion of various records, hence it is important to periodically compact the database to reduce its size or remove the extra space. It is observed that when user misses or fails to compact database, MDB file corruption occurs. For this, Microsoft’s Compact and Repair tool is the ideal software that ensures utmost database recovery.

Versions Supported

The compact database tool can be used for databases created with Access 95 databases, MS Access 97, MS Access 2000, MS Access 2003, MS Access XP, Access 2007, Access 2010 and Access 2013


Despite of having various benefits, Access database repair tool has some limitation too. It is designed to restore corrupted tables, queries and indexes only and fails to restore the other database objects like report modules, forms and macros. These objects can only be restored from backup and the software is not enough strong to perform that way. Therefore, third party Access recovery tool is used.

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